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Easter Egg Hunts for Babies

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Aren't traditions wonderful? They can make our experiences more fun and personal with memories to share with our favorite people. My family tries to add extra pizzazz to all types of events. Yes, we'll take any excuse to make a party out of nothing, often creating new family traditions.

To this end, holidays are no exception and Easter has always been one of my favorites with new Sunday dresses, gospel discussions, candy, and Easter egg hunts. This year Easter falls during a semi-annual conference held by the LDS Church and my little girl's first birthday. We won't be attending church in the traditional sense, and in a way we'll be missing some of the spectacular hoopla that goes with it. Sad, I know. We're still doing baskets, and with General Conference there will be plenty of gospel discussion. But finding a baby-appropriate Easter egg hunt has not been easy. I've been going back and forth on whether we would do one. Thankfully I did end up finding a few totally acceptable twists that are fit for baby's first Easter.

Flower Picking Egg Hunt

These super easy to make plastic egg "flowers" would create a cute scene in your backyard or a bucket filled with little rocks. All you need is a few plastic eggs and some pipe cleaners. Both are available at your local Dollar Tree. Stick them into your place of choice and let baby pick flowers until her heart's content.

Baby Pool Egg Hunt

This was the first (and only for a while!) egg hunt idea I found for babies and it is so clever. Fill a cheap baby pool with plastic Easter grass and eggs. Sit baby down and let her explore. If you want to skip the grass, fill it with all those eggs you have and only fill some of the eggs and leave most of them empty. That way it's more of a true hunt. Plus, less work for you. Don't have a baby pool? Make bath time exciting with lots of bubbles and hidden eggs. Just be sure you don't put anything in the eggs you wouldn't want to get wet...

Poke A Bunny Egg Hunt

This idea from Oriental Trading is originally for your Easter-themed party, but I thought it was completely age-appropriate. Stick some plastic cups on a poster board and put an egg inside. Cover them with tissue paper. They use rubber bands to hold the tissue paper in place. Keep it thin so baby can get in easier. Then sit back and watch as baby discovers cause and effect. See, learning can be fun!

Balloon Marker Egg Hunt

Using helium balloons to mark eggs in a yard is really popular for babies and toddlers. There isn't much hunting involved, but it serves its purpose and is certainly festive. Babies will get a kick out of the double reward of a prize and a balloon. You could go even further and put something creative in the balloons as well. Then you'll have quadruple prizes!!

If you're not sure what to put in the eggs, never fear. Mommy and craft bloggers have you covered and there are plenty of lists with filler ideas from yogurt melts to bubbles. I'll probably be filling eggs with stickers, flavored Cheerios, and hair bows. No matter what you choose, you're sure to have a successful first Easter egg hunt for your little one. Enjoy!!
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