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Hokey Holiday Movies to Watch Tonight

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
The Christmas Spirit has finally made a home in my preoccupied heart. We went to get our live Christmas tree in the first snow of the season this weekend and suddenly I'm looking at life through red-and-green-colored glasses. Next thing my poor husband knew I wanted to bake cookies from scratch (which I don't have time for) and give to those in need. Long story short - CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED!!!

There are some beautiful traditions that come with the Christmas season. Many of us have planned for nights of decorating the tree, sipping cocoa while eating loads of homemade treats, and snuggling up to read a holiday-themed story in brand new pajamas, just to name a few. One of the most amusing rituals, if you will, that December has to offer is the seemingly endless supply of corny, lovey-dovey made-for-television Christmas movies. My mom and I are suckers for these movies, even if we have been burned a few times. Not all flicks are the same. Nevertheless, let the hokey holiday movie viewing begin with those I've given my seal of approval.

It's A Christmas Carol meets The Time Traveler's Wife, and it is surprisingly intriguing. Attorney Kate Jordan gets things done and she is sent to Vermont to get an historical inn sold as soon as possible. The trouble is an original inhabitant of the inn hasn't crossed over and he doesn't take kindly to new people, or the curse he's been under for about two hundred years. The two end up working together to end the curse, but at a price.

Shelby Haygood and her parents run a berry farm in a quaint mountain town that is facing foreclosure. Meanwhile, town hero and country music star Mason Wyatt has returned home for a fresh start musically and romantically. Despite trying to keep her distance from their uncomfortable past, Shelby realizes that Mason might be what her family's farm needs to stay afloat. Still, this movie isn't as predictable as it sounds and Alan Powell does some sweet crooning that is worth witnessing.

A secret admirer is sending the 12 Days of Christmas gifts to a woman who has some high expectations regarding love. At first all the attention only feeds her hopeless romantic vibe. But as she works to figure out who the sender is she has to learn to redefine what being in love actually means. In the end, the lesson learned is universal and so real. Also my friend Anna Daines was in it and she's just an amazing human. Therefore the movie is amazing. The end.

Amber is an aspiring journalist who is finally sent on her first assignment: to get dirt on the womanizing future King of Aldovia. After a couple mistaken identities, Amber ends up deep undercover and learns more about the royal family than she expected. Now she must choose between her big break or breaking hearts. I've recently heard that people are not digging this movie and I can't understand why. This one is a good effort at bringing together all kinds of "magic" from royalty to romance wrapped up in a Christmas bow. 

Now remember, if you've never watched a cheesy holiday movie before you have to go in with an open mind (and heart). But if you are willing, let the clichés of the season warm your soul. Merry Christmas!
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