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Places To Take A Brand New Baby In Halloween Costume

Monday, October 9, 2017
You did it! You found the PERFECT Halloween costume for your new baby. Bonus points if you've made an entire family costume out of it. You're totally mom winning right now and you can hardly wait to strut your festive stuff. Except now you're wondering where exactly you should be going with a baby who can't even say "trick or treat," let alone knock on any doors on her own.

My Bunny, who surprised us with red hair, has an adorable baby version of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl from Toy Story 2 as her first Halloween costume. My dad picked it out on a trip to California shortly after she was born. I've been very excited to see her all dressed up. Holidays and dressing up are two of my favorite things. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there isn't really anywhere to take her that she would care about. She's not moving or eating yet, and I'm not quite ready to go door to door with a little one who doesn't get it. Instead I came up with some places that give us a chance to take Bunny out in costume which are more her pace.

Drop in on a community Halloween party
As these are already family-focused they're a perfect place for the whole crew to enjoy some Halloween festivities. My church does an annual Halloween party that starts with a Trunk or Treat (trick or treating out of our cars) and ends with a chili cook-off for dinner. Inside there are games for the kids, a haunted "hallway," and tons of downtime for catching up with friends. Everyone is welcome. Check your local calendars for some events that you can stop by to show off your little one's ensemble, and maybe make some new friends.

Trick or treating at the mall
When I was a kid I dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with my brother as the Scarecrow. I had just seen the Wizard of Oz on Ice. We met my grandparents, who had come as the Wicked Witch of the West and another scarecrow, at a mall to walk around and collect candy from the participating stores. It was low key but super fun! Our local shopping center is putting on Mall-O-Ween the weekend before Halloween with more than simply candy. Even better is that it will be a daytime event so no bedtime schedule conflicts - woo!

Go watch the town parade
Small towns were made for parades and our county seat, Leesburg, VA, has had a Halloween parade for over 60 years hosted by the local Kiwanis Club. The town also hosts a bunch of other Halloween-themed activities throughout the month such as haunting tours, but I'll stick to the parade. Does your local town or city have something similar? Find out when it's going down and take your little ghoul see the sights.

Head to the pumpkin patch
Inevitably you'll be taking your little one to the pumpkin patch or apple picking no matter what age she is, right? I say go in costume! Pictures from the day will be much cuter and cherished for years to come.

This list requires a little bit of digging and Googling. But if you are a friend of ETLT, you probably already knew that. In the end, though, all the spoils go to you. High-five, mom and dad, for a fun and festive (and happy) Halloween!
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