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Motivations for Ending ETLT

Sunday, May 20, 2018
Writing is one of my favorite activities. At any given moment I can be teaching, destressing, learning, or overcoming all through the act of writing. Not only do I love it, I am good at it. I'll never forget the word my brother recently used to describe my abilities - timeless. Audrey Hepburn would be proud! Sadly, however, my efforts at building a blog have not been all that I dreamed it would be. In terms of the identity and reach that was intended to be gained I was unsuccessful. In short, Everything the Light Touches has not been growing, so I have decided to stop writing.

I've only ever enjoyed the writing aspect of blogging anyways. Too much time was wasted spent redesigning and finding my niche. The millions of color schemes and fonts I attempted, the uninspired blogging Facebook groups, and endless social media scheduling are all behind me. Ironically, I finally did find a "home" for this blog and now here we are. All that being said, this is not the end of me. And I think that's pretty cool.

What will I be doing instead?

This year has been focused on improving my situation: saving up for a house, finding a better paying job, discovering my contribution to the world, leveling up in my relationships with Heavenly Father, my husband, and my daughter, and being more involved with my band. I've had an impactful experience from taking a personal finance class hosted by my church. I have learned so much! From better communication between me and Spencer to taking control of our finances, the last few months have opened my eyes to what it truly means to *live*. (For more information on the self-reliance courses offered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you can visit the website here.) Most of all I've learned that I need to do a few more of my things before I can offer anything to anyone else.

I have committed to a more upfront role in my band, Q.O.K. Music, not just as a member of the band, but as we do more recording, fundraising, and community building. I will also be aligning myself with my new found purpose. Guys, Phil Cooke's One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born To Do has turned my world around. It's a quick, powerful read that I am mildly obsessed with. Life just makes so much sense now. Between these two projects, there is plenty to keep me occupied behind the scenes (for now).

Perhaps the most significant change to how I spend my time will come from focusing on my little girl. Parenting itself is a full-time thing and I have not been doing my job well. This isn't me mom shaming myself, I just know I'm less involved in my daughter's life. I want to be there. As Summer is coming up I want to do all. the. things. Zoo walks, getting lost in museums, and daily visits to the pool are on the agenda. We are going to have so much fun! And I am going to make sure I am available to be there for it.

What does this mean for ETLT?

Everything the Light Touches is a place of learning. In reality, learning never stops so ending my writing here doesn't quite jive. I know this. I will still be updating old posts from past versions of ETLT. However, I will not be creating new content. This also means I will be deleting all of my blog-related social media, namely the Everything the Light Touches Facebook page. The site,, will remain live for you to enjoy even when I'm gone.

Where can you find me now?
Thank you

Just want to say a quick thank you to those who have read and guided this blog. I've had this site for three years - that's probably the longest I've stuck with anything. This was a special outlet for me, something all my own and I'm proud I stamped it with my hustle and heart. Though now I am relieved this will not be sitting in the back of my mind anymore, I will miss my little corner of the internet. See you around, friends.
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