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Last-Minute Buys for Baby's First Airplane Ride

Sunday, December 3, 2017
Travel can be all kinds of crazy for many uncontrollable reasons. Add a baby to the equation and the craziness increases exponentially. For a new mom who already sees the world a little more anxiously than the rest, preparing for a last minute trip across the country with a new baby can be terrifying. From making sure you have everything to battling germs there is a significant amount of brain work.

November found us in a bittersweet place saying goodbye to my husband's grandfather and taking Bunny on her first airplane ride and introducing her to some of our favorite people. Since we only had about two days to get ready I was definitely nervous. However, I managed to keep the packing list simple with some last minute essentials that made for a successful trip.

**This post contains NO affiliate links. All writing and opinions are mine and exist only because I want to share cool stuff with you.**

Disinfecting Wipes

By far my biggest concern was Bunny getting sick. I caught the flu on the plane last year while I was pregnant. There is only one thing more miserable than a sick pregnant lady, and that's her sick baby. I was going to do everything in my power to make sure we didn't come home with one. We went on the defense with a couple packs of disinfecting wipes. When I got on the plane I gave my daughter to my husband with the instructions to not let her touch anything while I wiped EVERYTHING down. And it must have worked, for her at least, because my husband and I got colds and she didn't. Works for me.

Compact Stroller

If asked, I could go on about my Chicco Cortina CX travel system all day long. I had my heart set on taking it with me to Idaho. With all the storage room and features I figured there was no other way to travel. That is until my mom showed up with a cheapo compact Cosco stroller she snagged the day before we were leaving. I mean at first I wasn't sold - no storage - but we took it with us and it ended up being lighter weight and simpler to lug around. The fact that our carseat fit over the handles for easy carrying was nice surprise. Try it next time you're out trekking!

Tray Table Busy Pad

I wanted to make sure Bunny was well occupied during our trip in case she decided to be awake the entire time and one tip I found said that having something "new" helped keep baby's attention in flight. I snagged this airplane tray table busy pad off of Amazon (no affiliate) and I'm glad I did. Not only are there lots of fun tactile things for littles, but it also has some extra cool features for parents including a touch screen pocket for phones and it's two-sided. Bunny used this activity pad for floor play on the trip too which means this piece could get a lot of use.

Kids Mode App

Bunny doesn't exactly need phone access per say, but she still gets her fingers on mine every now and then. I downloaded the Kids Mode app from Samsung because it kept the rest of my phone secure while giving her access to plenty of engaging and unique activities. I recommend this app because it required a pin to exit the launcher, it allowed customization by adding your own games from your phone, and it was free without ads. The app is available for Android here, though I'm sure Apple has plenty of options for kids apps too.

Well, I must say I'm probably too happy November is over. It was busy with travel at the start, a full agenda at work in the middle, and the holidays coming as it ended. Though, I'm looking forward to the holidays and more down time to write. And of course sharing special time with my little girl. Hashtag baby's first Christmas!
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