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Sunday, February 12, 2017
One of the first things potential bloggers are encouraged to do is seek other sites that have the same theme or topic. If anything this lets us see how our ideas fit into the current blogosphere. We can come to better understand what our voice will be and what we have to offer that makes us different. Above all, we can decide if our idea makes sense (read: if there is any audience for what we want to write about). If we don’t find a potential audience or other bloggers “like us” we may get discouraged.

Or we can accept that our idea is just different and instead get to know some new faces while we continue to gather our thoughts. This was the case for me as I started preparing this launch of Everything the Light Touches. I didn’t quite know what to search for while validating my newest blog concept. That should have been a red flag right there... But no. 

The interesting thing was that even though I didn’t find an exact match for what I was hoping to build, eventually some new blogs from kindred spirits popped up. That was enough for me.

I feel my niche leans toward a hybrid of mommy-lifestyle blogging. There is nothing wrong with that, but until six months ago I wasn’t a mom to a human child so finding writers with a similar background that aren’t all only blogging about kiddos and mom life was refreshing. Today I’m sharing those bloggers and blogs with you in hopes that you’ll discover a new voice that speaks to you. Or maybe just to give you ideas for your next project. Either way, win-win.

Smart Pretty & Awkward by Molly Beck

Smart Pretty & Awkward is probably the closest I could find to what I was looking for during my research. This is because the posts are extremely concise with only 3 links and one-line explanations of everyday advice and fun finds to help readers become Smarter, Prettier, and (Less) Awkward. Molly’s blog validated my decision to write a list post every time. Equally comforting is that Molly breaks two of the biggest blogging rules: She only posts when she feels like it and her post titles are inspirational quotes. No apparent schedule and no bother with SEO! How cool is that?? I’m working on leering my creativity guide me and I'maaqqqqq++ all for ditching the SEO. One less thing for me to keep track of. The best part about Molly’s site is that I actually find useful links worth reading, too many to list here so you'll have to check it out for yourself.

Little Book, Big Story by Théa Rosenburg

Little Book, Big Story is the most beautiful website I’ve ever seen. Everything from the colors and photography to the voice and theme of Little Book, Big Story embraced my soul. I sat through reading book reviews and learning all about Théa’s family until my eyes hurt. And with a post like “10 Chapter Books to Read Aloud With Your Daughter” there was no better place for me. What I love most about Théa’s blog is how she easily integrates her life, her beliefs, and her love of reading. She gives great book reviews and recommendations for those who are into reading fiction for fiction’s sake or for those who are looking to develop their world perspective. The only downside here is she sure will make it hard for me to actually accomplish my reading list.

Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries is the perfect mommy blog if you ask me. The attention to standard topics is there in posts on home décor, family vacations and milestones, recipes, and, of course, motherhood. Where Naomi takes a turn is in the actual portrayal of these events. Sure, the photography is fantastic (thanks to her hunky, camera-handy husband, Josh) and the places she gets to travel to are amazing. But this girl and her family are fun and so goofy. She’s definitely okay with making fun of herself a little in the process of living. I admit that not every single one of her posts is for me but I keep coming back. I have to give Naomi a lot of credit for that.

Al Carraway by Al Carraway

Al Carraway is a woman I can relate to on so many levels. Her story resonates with me and I admire how she can be so relaxed and unobstructed about telling that story. Like me, Al is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as Mormons. She puts her feelings and experiences out there. And her take on life is REAL TALK. Sometimes I get lost in personal reflection from just reading one of her post titles! Al’s blog might be all about her religious experiences, but that is what she lives everyday. Just like the premise of ETLT, why not write about it?

Now that I'm finished telling you about these blogs, I’m ready to get snuggled into bed and catch up with these ladies. If you have suggestions for blogs I should check out PLEASE let me know in the comments. I just cleaned out my Bloglovin’ feed. I need to fill in some gaps.
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