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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Photo Tour: Waterford, VA

Today is my brother's birthday! We share an intense desire to be creative and to share that creativity with the world. He particularly loves music, film, and photography. In his honor I am finally publishing some pictures I took last Summer of a quaint historic town in my native Northern Virginia.

Photo Tour: Waterford VA - a tour of a historic town in Northern Virginia

Waterford, Virginia is a seemingly preserved picture of Loudoun County's past life. I had never seen the town before going on a day trip with my friend, Chelsea, who was visiting with her precious new Schnauzer puppy. We hitched up the pups and went for a day in the June heat and getting lost on a one-way hike... But it was worth seeing all the rustic stone and pasteled homes, the one cobblestone road that ran through the village, and the overgrown gardens that spilled over with magic.

stone steps Waterford VA

country cottage Waterford VA

yellow bike Waterford VA

historic cottage Waterford VA

The Old Mill Waterford VA

dog hike Waterford VA

shaded arbor Waterford VA

Catoctin Creek Waterford VA

cornerstone established 1886 Waterford VA

secret passageway Waterford Virginia

door knocker Waterford VA

town smithie Waterford VA

rustic cottage Waterford VA

garden Waterford VA

general store Waterford VA

front porch Waterford VA

birdhouses Waterford VA

The classic cottage with the orange scooter is my favorite snapshot from the day. A little ETLT trivia: That is the image that served as the inspiration for the new look and purpose of the site this year. And I've been trying to recreate that emotion in everything I do ever since. Do any of these images speak to you? Tell me about it in the comments. Or link to your image inspiration. Happy Saturday!

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