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Saturday, April 9, 2016

How To Think About Clothes the Right Way

If you have cynical or defeatist thoughts about clothing, please leave them at the end of this sentence. Today I'm talking about why what we wear is important to defining how we represent ourselves. Sure clothes can be materialistic, mocking, gender-specific, or annoying, depending on who you talk to. But in the end we all make judgments based on appearance and that should be acknowledged.

How To Think About Clothes the Right Way - your clothes say a lot about you so dress like it

As part of this wanderlust I call becoming a way cooler version of myself, I have been paying special attention to my closet and the settings in which I might be found on a daily basis. I wouldn't be surprised if I earn the phrase "The clothes made the woman" as my epitaph someday. The effort and time that goes into my clothing choices says a lot about me without me even opening my mouth. An outfit has the ability to give away attitude and mood, professionalism, self-perception, status, relationships... and so on and so forth. In a world of first impressions we shouldn't take this for granted. 

Communication is a large piece of the Life pie. To ignore that would be rude and wrong. You see, we can be as selfish as we want, expecting others to take us seriously just because, but that isn't a thing (as I have to re-learn often). Like it or not, relationships are important to the human identity. Thus they should be treated as precious. We want people to care about what we think so we have to be willing to care about what they think, at least a little bit. If we deny what our appearance says to other people while still demanding they get over the stigma we might represent, then we are being unreasonable.

We can improve the message we send by playing the part. Last week I told you my plan to become "an independent, successful, and resourceful creative." Before I require others to believe that about me without any basis, I should be presenting myself as savvy and worthy of respect. I do my job to meticulously word emails and such, try my absolute hardest to be on time to meetings and events (which doesn't always work out), treat others with respect, and take time to select outfits that say what I value, i.e. comfort and confidence.

You can establish the image you want before anyone has the chance to think otherwise. Your image reflects your thoughts and it is your responsibility. Just like a sports jersey or school uniform, an outfit promotes what you want the world to know about your associations. Take your wardrobe as a banner, or testament if you will, to everything that makes up who you are. Don't sell yourself short. And certainly don't get cocky, kid.

Just something to think about.

In My Closet
If you're into this sort of thing, I've tried to keep track of some of my favorite outfits for the past few months. A few things to keep in mind when browsing these photos: 1. All of these photos were taken with my Galaxy S6 2. These are my first OOTD selfies so go easy on me 3. Flats are my best friends as I am teaching a lot these days and 4. Suddenly I've taken to wearing a lot of black... Ultimate Conclusion: My clothes need to get a little more feisty if I'm going to get the "creative" part about me done right.

OOTD Blazer and Cargo Pants

OOTD Boyfriend Cardigan and Pencil Skirt

OOTD Dressed Up Top and Flared Jeans

OOTD Midi Dress and Military Jacket

OOTD T Shirt and Slacks

OOTD Heavy Layers and Colored Jeans

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