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Saturday, March 26, 2016

World Storytelling Day 2016

In the week leading up to World Storytelling Day I hosted an event in my Facebook group, Writers Without Limits. Those attending would participate in a creative writing collaborative exercise that would allow us to post our ideas for writing about the theme and get feedback on elements of the story we could focus on when the writing actually happened. And it would all be shared live. 

For my story I decided to use this year's theme of "Strong Women" to express my ideal female example of women being special because they are the best versions of themselves.  More importantly I thought the image should come from a male perspective to show how necessary a woman's presence is to the people around her. Consider those who are bettering themselves for small scale influence, women who work to be equally responsible for and giving of their intelligence, skill, independence, and the ability to communicate. Personal experience has taught me that frequent reminders of this female persona cannot be left unsaid. So am saying it in a song.

World Storytelling Day 2016 - a song dedicated to "strong women"

Verse 1
Had my head draped over the desk in a silent plea since noon
The clock's counting down to lift off
My heart a slow release time bomb
Distracted by a preview is the only way I can get through

I'm coming home to fill my cup with you
Joining reality, daydreams dissolve into a muse
Alive and real
Feels like luck but I know there's proof
You doing you is more than enough

Verse 2
Got my eyes locked hiding the treasure of a replay all day
Can't shake the twinkle in your eye
My thoughts hostage, hypnotized 
Witness to your design of a picture all your own

You will always have something to give
As becoming more has always shown
If you never change I'd still be in love
A flower doesn't bloom on just day one

There you have it. Mind you this song was written in a day week. The plan was to get feedback in the days leading up to the actual writing, but I was sort of on my own. I readily welcome your comments on specific answers about my character(s) that I'm missing. Deep down inside, I'm proud. However, on the surface I am shy about its unfinished edges. 

Any suggestions for making an event for next year more worthwhile and inviting for writers? What would you like to do to celebrate World Storytelling Day? Please share your thoughts in the Facebook group Writers Without Limits. Thanks for reading :)

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