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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Motivational Playlist

March 3rd will be one year of Everything the Light Touches. I can’t believe I kept a blog going for an entire year... Yay me!

Motivational Playlist 2016 - make 2016 your year with the perfect soundtrack

The evolution of ETLT has been by leaps and bounds. Finally my blogging is legit. Writing, photography, and social media found ways into my everyday life: launching a media and marketing business, writing for hire, music, going back to teaching. I do it practically all day, every day - and I'm loving every minute of it.

Last March I was absolutely blind to what I was supposed to be doing. Looking back at old posts is not my favorite thing to do. I was just trying to be busy. Because of the experience I've gained, moving forward I have more to offer you in content as well as support. I’ve got my own business, I'm experimenting with my first email workshop, and Queens Over Kings is planning the release of our next single. I've also started a Facebook group for writers and I'm looking forward to the chance to give back to my community. Lots of good stuff, right?

So technically March is my “New Year.” (It’s is also my birthday month!) A celebration would be fitting. And no party is complete without a good soundtrack. Hear my 2016 Motivational Playlist right now:

Bookmark this playlist using this link to save for when you need it again. If you’re looking forward to something big, shout it out in the comments! Or hit me up on your favorite social media platforms. Let’s revel in our awesomeness together.

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