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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Please excuse the mess as I work to impress!

Okay that was cheesy.

But, seriously, there will be a few wacky sights and possibly things out of place over the next couple months as I work on updating and consolidating the site. Good things are promised to those who wait. As you can see I’ve already got a new logo of which I am insanely proud of, and there are more upgrades to come. Take a look at the Categories to your left to catch a glimpse, or if you are a New Reader start here. Otherwise read on for the haps around here.

Welcome 2016 - blog goals for the new year

The relaunch of Everything the Light Touches is set for March with a new focus on getting things done and becoming better at who you are. What exactly does that mean? Well, that means we’ll be learning new skills such as writing and photography. And that also means we’ll be learning how to give back to our communities. Here’s what’s on the horizon:
  • March will be the official unveiling of ETLT. I'll be offering some goodies for those who opt-in to the email list.You'll get monthly recap on blog posts and social media tips.
  • Coming this month I’ve got a Facebook group in the works for writers, exclusively for friends of Everything the Light Touches. Musicians, bloggers, novelists, journal writers. All kinds. Share, learn, improve with others in "Writers Without Limits."
  • Also this month I have added a breakdown of my social media services to the site. I am now offering social media consulting, writing, and other creative help to further your personal and professional goals! Click here to learn more.
  • Courses! We all love a good learning experience and I've got one in mind. My brother, Jerald, and I are considering a photography course for bloggers. Step out of auto-mode shooting with vocabulary, camera mechanics, editing and more! The availability date for this one is still up in the air but…
If you’re interested in any of these projects and what else I've may in store for you, sign up for the ETLT email list below. You’ll be the first to hear when everything goes down. Let's get you signed up!
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Kristyn here. I'm really good at Googling, dreaming, and thinking outside the box. Someday I'm going to save all the puppies and perform on a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float.

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