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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Always: A Queens Over Kings Original

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be writing today!

Things have been really moving along around here as we prepare for Passport To Discovery. We've set some strict goals and a schedule to match in order to create outstanding band content leading up to departure. In my next few posts I'll be writing all about what we can expect from the trip with juicy fashion details, travel essentials, and the creative process behind new music.

Until then I'm showing off a Queens Over Kings original. This song, "Always," is one that really touches my heart as I hope it does yours. Soon those who sign up for the band email newsletter will receive a free download of the song! Who will you share this song with?

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

We Write About Relationships

Family Band Queens Over Kings Recording
Warning: This post contains a sad story.

Have you ever wondered where a recording artist or songwriter got the inspiration for a song? I am always intrigued by lyrics and their meaning. Basically every song in the 1960s was a metaphor for some kind of social unrest. But the lyrics were written in such a way that the real story is almost a secret. Some recent music has the same effect, and I'm about to give away one of Queens Over Kings song story secrets right now.

In preparing for meeting new people and sharing our stories, my siblings and I have noticed a trend in the lyrics of the songs we write. We write about relationships. Of course there's the usual like having a crush on someone or being dumped. However, for us, more often than not we don't really write about those ideas directly. As siblings in different stages of life our music can focus on a variety of experiences. Sure we've written a song about getting over a bad relationship but we've also written about self-confidence and accepting change. One of our songs, "Unknown Soldier," came from the experience of losing a loved one at a young age.

In 2008, our family lost a cousin when he was just 16. He was killed in a random act of who knows what. We still aren't sure. The whole story is strange, which added to the difficulty of something already so sad. At the time I wrote words for a song about the feelings Jerald and I had about the situation. We spent a lot of time with our cousin growing up and I remember his happy, warm personality very clearly. His sudden death was just unreal.

When we as humans first find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, like an unexpected death, we want to know what is the point. A lot of people describe it as an empty feeling. And it's true. There's a hole because we don't necessarily understand. This reaction can be overwhelming. If we try, though, we can create something out of those strong feelings. In our case, Jerald and I really wanted to write a song in memory of our cousin.

Queens Over Kings Family Band Recording
The lyrics were shelved until recently when we worked them into something Ingrid came up with on the piano. A perfect mix of hard rock instrumentals and reflective lyrics, "Unknown Solider" has become a sort of anthem that describes the ability to overcome and keep good memories alive. There is a line in the first verse that touches on how a sad story can become more as time goes on: "We'll make something of this someday." In working on this song together I have learned that an experience this intense, and maybe even scary, can be balanced out by putting the energy into something creative. Closure comes in many forms.

Even though the inspiration for our song is sad, we are excited by it every time we play. Audiences respond to it which is all we could ask for. Our cousin won't have the chance to grow up and pursue what it was in this life he may have become. Now at least he lives in song,

How has loss or sadness inspired you to create something new? Share your works of art, writing, or anything with me on Twitter and follow me on Bloglovin' for more discussions on inspiration coming soon.
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