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Monday, August 31, 2015

A Weekend In: VA Beach

It's a rainy Monday and the end of Summer here at QOK headquarters. The three younger ones started school today and to commemorate the occasion I'm reminiscing about the beach.

We were invited to do a show at a Chesapeake Square Mall in Chesepeake, Virginia earlier this month and, with it's proximity to Virginia Beach, the Roberts Clan made a weekend out of it. The trip was stressful at first. Traffic going down was insane - the drive took hours longer than expected and we made it just in time to do a five-minute sound check before getting the party started. But our show and the audience were the best we've ever experienced! Tons of crowd interaction with song dedications, people wanting to take pictures, and totally loving our music. The excitement was so high I didn't even notice that I was noticeably flat sometimes. (Warm ups people. Do them!)

After the show we headed to our "hotel." Next morning the clan hit the beach. Lots of sun and family time! Muggle even got to eat breakfast with us at the VA Beach Lighthouse, which was greatly appreciated. Then some of us took to the water while others soaked up the sunshine. Personally I'm a sand and sun person myself. I prefer people watching to being thrashed by the waves. And I don't like being touched by sea things...

Queens Over Kings performing at Chesapeake Square Mall

Jerald and Hallie from Queens Over Kings

Meeting fans at Chesapeake Square Mall

Hallie road trip to Virginia Beach

bike rental at Virginia Beach
Loren playing with Muggle at Virginia Beach

Me and Muggle at Lighthouse for breakfast
my parents at Virginia Beach

Queens Over Kings pyramid at Virginia Beach
The band isn't planning any shows right now. Instead we're laser focused on finishing our first album and Passport To Discovery, the talent cruise hosted by Barbizon International. Barely a month to go! 

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