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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Opening Act for Jamie Grace

It should be no surprise that we're a religious crew. Among our long list of influences is Christian Contemporary music. We like to keep it clean and family friendly :) A few years ago we were able to perform at the WGTS 91.9FM Family Fun Festival. WGTS is a radio station in the Washington, DC area focused on playing music the whole family can listen to, especially keeping it safe for the kids. The headliner that year was Jamie Grace. She was a new artist with a well-known song titled "Hold Me."
Jamie Grace WGTS Family Fun Festival 2012Have you ever dreamed of opening for someone whose music you cover? We did once and it was as surreal as you might imagine. I remember walking up to Jamie, shaking her hand, and thinking "Omg omg omg...She sings the song we sing... It's her song!" I wanted to bust out with her in harmony right there. Totally should have. Next time.
Jamie Grace Opening Act 2012Queens Over Kings family band
Queens Over Kings WGTS Family Fun Festival 2012Queens Over Kings 2012
Queens Over Kings Jamie Grace 2012
This was way back in 2012. Look at how little the kiddos are! Have you ever met someone famous/you admire? Share your stories!

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