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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Band Promo Ideas: Instagram

Social media is big part of branding and marketing for anyone looking to put themselves out there. Queens Over Kings uses four different social media platforms and we have about an equal audience across the board.

The trick to social media is not to get overwhelmed. Without balance things can become too much to handle on top of everything else a band needs to look out for. My game plan for the band is to offer all the options, allowing our fans to choose. Then, over time, we will work on the platforms individually to discover the purpose for each one. 

Thanks to a post earlier this month by Career Girl Daily, a blog I personally follow, I was motivated to make Instagram simpler for myself and the band. CGD had some great tips on how to clean up your profile to gain more followers and promote your brand by choosing a single theme. While the post was meant for "career girls in heels," I think the two examples below can be translated for any promo opportunity. See how I've used the theme ideas for Instagram, then check out my list of other possible ideas to streamline your band's Instagram account!

Instagram 2 Ways

For my personal profile I chose to look into developing my photography skills. I recently purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for blogging and I take it pretty much everywhere. As I take pictures I choose some to post on my Instagram. Because my theme is practicing photography I can post about daily life, band stuff, or whatever I want, as long as I am working on getting better at taking pictures.

The photo shoot of the guitars from a couple weeks ago had Jerald helping me get right lighting. He went to school for that kind of stuff so he jumps in to help me get pictures for the blog. We used a cookie sheet for reflectors!As for the band, we've chosen an "exclusive content" theme. Generally this was because we needed Instagram to be low-maintenance and to make it unique from our other profiles. Sometimes we cross-promote to get information to our whole audience. However, most of the time we only post to Instagram when we have something special we want to share.

We've had sneak peeks on songs, special offers for merchandise, and behind-the-scenes videos of practice. Just this past weekend we had the address for our Open House Jam Sesh up on Instagram only.

As I mentioned both accounts only post when there is something to post. Otherwise there is so much stress over collaborating on posting schedules, creating content where there is none, and driving ourselves crazy trying to fit everything in. Just remember two things: keep it simple, and music comes first.  

Theme Ideas for Instagram

I know that without a full time marketing manager band promotion can be rough, so to help you get started here is a list of theme ideas for your band to use on Instagram:
  • Venues you've played
  • Traveling to and from performances
  • Wardrobe
  • Behind-the-scenes at rehearsals, performances, or recordings
  • Instruments/Equipment
  • Meeting fans
  • Graphics of lyrics from your music
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Street team in action
  • Daily life of band members
  • Fans with your merchandise
  • Upcoming performances schedule
  • Funny/Silly situations
  • Shout outs to fans and sponsors
  • Words from your band name, lyrics in unique places

I hope these ideas get the marketing juices flowing. What approach will you take with Instagram? Let me know in the comments! Good luck everyone!

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