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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Weekend In: Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Utah weekend trip was a whirlwind adventure! We left on Friday night and were back on Monday morning. It was rough but so much fun. Being back West was kind of crazy, considering we had only left three months before! We missed those mountains though.
Rocky Mountains Ogden Utah
Our hotel was really nice. I found an awesome deal via Booking.com for The Little America Hotel. The breakfast was amazing. We recommend the french toast, house-made granola, and the Chuck Wagon meal. We started both our mornings at their restaurant. SO GOOD!

On Saturday we spent the day celebrating with the new Mr. & Mrs. Boyce! They were sealed in the Ogden temple, right down the street from our old place. That was fun being so close to where we used to live. Waiting outside the temple made for a little more practice time with the camera. The luncheon and reception was good food and good times at a reception hall right across the street from the temple. It was really funny because a couple of the Young Men and Young Women from our old ward worked at the reception hall, The Grand View. I scared one of my old Laurels haha. 

the Ogden Utah LDS temple

Spencer taking pictures for another wedding

Ogden Utah LDS temple grounds

Mr. and Mrs. Boyce

selfie with the newlyweds

It was a great day! We headed back to Salt Lake City a little early so that we could relax before the day ahead on Sunday. There was checking out the Hogle Zoo planned before getting on the plane Sunday night. Told you it was a whirlwind weekend!

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant was again amazing. The zoo was easy to find but parking wasn't. Who knew so many Utahans went to the zoo on Sundays! The animals were of course wonderful.

This bear was so funny. He was playing in the water with tiny pieces of wood and reminded us of Muggle when she wrestles with her toys. And the otter was cute too. Spencer made us go back to check the exhibit 3 times to make sure we saw the otters. It was worth it to see him show off. Isn't that baby orangutan cute?!
Grizzly bear at the zoo

otters at the Hogle Zoo

photo op at the Hogle Zoo

baby orangutan at the Hogle Zoo

Kristyn and Spencer at the Hogle Zoo

The trip back home was intense as we arrived back in Baltimore at 7am on Monday. Needless to say we slept all day. But overall a worthwhile trip! Wish we had more time to spend with family in Utah. Hopefully we'll get to see you all soon.

The weather is getting warmer around here meaning we'll get to have more fun outside. The National Museum of the American Indian is hosting a Hawaii Festival in a couple weeks that we are planning to check out. And we are looking at a camping and fishing trip during Memorial Day weekend. I'm interested to see how Muggle handles that.

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