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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Current Favorites Playlist

I am a big fan of music: I listen to it, I sing it, I hope to make some sort of career out of it. This is all to the point where I have moved across the country with my husband and puppy to live in my parents' house with eleven other members of my family to be in the band Queens Over Kings. That's dedication (and faith) man. Since focusing on the band my siblings and I are looking forward to writing more of our own songs together. Part of that is defining each of our influences and figuring out how they work together to create the sound that is Queens Over Kings. It's been interesting to see the five of us create something that highlights our blended style.

The musical influences we have come from many different places. For me it's mostly the music my parents listened to when I was growing up. Our parents have always enjoyed multiple generations of music. On any given Sunday morning we're hanging out to Earth, Wind, and Fire, George Michael, Disney Classics, ABBA, Adele, or even Handel and Bach. I have memories of walking around the house aimlessly singing Madonna's Bedtime Stories album or riding in the car to school with the local "oldies" station playing jams from the '60s and '70s. With this type of exposure, and of course our personal tastes, each member of the band has developed a very distinct musical style. And it can vary greatly. Lately I've been enjoying James Taylor radio. I always come back to the subtle singer/songwriter. But today's hits make it on my mixes too, especially if they have a bit of old school energy. So here are a few songs that I am loving right now.

Special shout out to my friend Taylor Berrett who's album Great Falls has officially hit stores! I'm loving his song Those Days which heads the playlist. Have you heard the album? What kind of music do you listen to? I'd love to know. Find me online with the icons below and follow my Music Only Twitter account for a glimpse at what I'm listening to on the daily.

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